Man working on roof

Cover the family with sound construction and repair.

If your roof is subject to damage, ensure that it is repaired or replaced properly.

Roofs take on most of the storm damage.

When the integrity of your roof is changed by a severe storm, including hail damage, the outer layer may take a beating. When the damage continues on to the layers underneath, this is when the structure itself may need repair. Your roof will show signs of damage that can be detected and evaluated by one of our experienced team members.

  • Missing granules
  • Bruising or denting
  • Circular cracking in shingles or tar

Replacement and your insurance.

Roof replacement is a real possibility when dealing with severe weather. Not only can elements such as hail and wind damage a roof, but the surrounding trees can wreak havoc on the structure. Downed tree branches can destroy a roof in seconds. When you need us most, we will patch repair your structure until more permanent work begins and has been evaluated by your insurance carrier.

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